ProWellness offers innovative health ICT systems for holistic chronic diseases prevention and care, including, e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular and heart diseases, COPD and chronic respiratory diseases. Our solutions are used by hospitals, community clinics and by patients.

Balansio™ by ProWellness ( is a smart, mobile, digitalized self-care system used by individuals with diabetes and other chronic conditions, and by clinics. Balansio transforms chronic care from clinic-based solutions to a next generation, easy to use, digitalised and automated remote care solution for all stakeholders.

With automated 24/7 assistants and nurse-bots, built-in clinical intelligence, pattern and trend detection, continuous daily HbA1c estimator, bolus insulin dosage calculator and medical device components, the solution provides patients with personalized guidance 24/7 which allows patients to take control of their chronic condition independent of time and place.

Balansio™ implements SMART Launch from hospital EMRs (Epic, Cerner) to Balansio, and utilizes internally FHIR observation resource entries in backend cloud REST API services.