Sensotrend makes life with diabetes easier by visualizing data and deriving actionable insights from dozens of medical devices and wellness trackers and facilitating sharing the information with healthcare professionals and peers.

Sensotrend is one of the first health related use cases in the Gaia-X network, a winner of the Fair Health Data Challenge by Sitra, and a founding member of the MyData Global organization. Data exchange is in the core of what we do, so HL7 FHIR® really matters to us!

We show how our suite of software products has been connected with most of the platforms in the project.

We share our experiences from integrating our products with various platforms using the FHIR standard.

We map data from proprietary formats of device manufacturers into FHIR format so it can be stored to any FHIR server and used from there by multiple apps.

Thanks to SMART App Launch, a clinician can launch a patient's view on the Sensotrend Dasboard from an electronic health record system with a single click.