OMNI360 is a modular and modern solution for healthcare, socialcare and specialized care.

CGI has a strong commitment to use HL7 FHIR within our product portfolio and therefore we already have a wide range of different FHIR resources implemented. Future roadmap also contains our next FHIR development targets.

FHIR resources already in production or being implemented are:

  • Appointment
  • Careplan
  • ClinicalDocument
  • Composition
  • Condition
  • Consent
  • Encounter
  • Immunization
  • Location
  • Observation
  • Organization
  • Patient
  • Practitioner
  • Procedure
  • RelatedPerson
  • Schedule
  • Task

Other Products

In addition to OMNI360, CGI uses FHIR API's in AVPH scheduling solution and in Hyvis patient portal.


Markus Vehmanen

Vice President, Healthcare & Social Care IT