FHIR Demo 2024

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Clinibus is a regional eHealth platform, based on principles of Finnish National Health Record. Recibus is an electronic prescription system that can be deployed as a nationwide turnkey solution. They replicate the advanced national architecture in use in Finland, but can be deployed anywhere in the world.

The platforms include both the back-end components needed for an organization-wide, regional, or national electronic health care or welfare record infrastructure. They also include the application programming interfaces and even web-based user interfaces required by integrating systems, and users such as doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Clinibus and Recibus are based on one of the world's leading national health care information architectures - the national Kanta services of Finland. Both products share codebase with Atostek's ERA solution, which is used in Finland to connect clinical systems to Finnish national health record Kanta, as well as provide direct use of Kanta data via ERA's user interfaces. Today, over 40 different systems, 900 healthcare organisations, and thousands of users connect to Kanta via ERA service. Over 2,8 million citizens' data has been handled with the ERA system.

Flowchart: both organizations and citizens access data in a national
  data store. E-prescription data in Clinibus, patient data, social care data, and personal
  health and wellbeing data in Clinibus.

Atostek is developing FHIR interfaces to Clinibus and Recibus with support for following resources:

  • ClinicalDocument
  • Composition
  • Condition
  • Encounter
  • Immunization
  • Observation
  • Organization
  • Patient
  • Practitioner
  • Procedure
  • RelatedPerson

ATOSTEK is an innovative software company from Finland. The company has more than 20 years of experience in Finnish healthcare digital solutions. Atostek connects over 20 different electronic medical records and clinical systems to the Finnish National Health Register. Atostek was chosen to be a vendor for a nationwide integration solution in 2019.