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HL7 Denmark

FHIR Implementation Guide

HL7 Denmark has published a FHIR implementation guide (IG) containing the Danish core profiles, called DkCore. The most recent IG was published in the beginning of May 2024, and can be found on www.hl7.dk, along with the previous ones.

DkCore includes a number of profiles, such a DkCorePatient, DkCoreCondition and more. Further, is guidance provided on usage of identifiers, CodeSystem, ValueSets and NamingSystems in a Danish context along with necessary extensions for covering local concepts.

A new version of DkCore is published twice a year. The continuous development follows processes for internal quality assurance in the working group and external consultation when it is decided by HL7 Denmark.

DkCore is published in version 4 of FHIR - also known as FHIR R4. However, a CI-build in FHIR R5 is also maintained, in case project finds it valuable to use DkCore in FHIR R5. Processes for development and maintaining to versions can be found on Confluence.

Working groups

HL7 Denmark has a few working groups, all of which has FHIR as the primary HL7 standard.

  • FHIR Special Interest Group (SIG): The working group who develop DkCore. This involves profiling, writing documentation and creating examples. The group is broadly represented by vendors, consultants and public organizations who have knowledge about the general use of Danish IT and FHIR capabilities.
  • IPA SIG: A working group who focuses on creating International Patient Access (IPA) specification for Danish adoption.
  • PRO SIG: A working group who focuses on relating Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) to FHIR supporting different use cases in a Danish context.


Thea Mentz Sørensen