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Medicin.dk is providing scientific, structured, and always updated pharmaceutical information about pharmaceuticals at the Danish Market - to both healthcare professionals and the public in Denmark. And we have been doing so almost 50 years, since 1976. Medicin.dk is the number one information source about pharmaceuticals in Denmark.

Since 2016 Medicin.dk has provided structured electronic package leaflets for all pharmaceutical products on the Danish market at the website indlægssedler.dk. We are a part of the ongoing process around facilitating the transition to electronic package leaflets in Denmark - in collaboration with the Danish authorities and pharmaceutical companies among others.

Gravitate Health and Nordic FHIR ePI

Building on our experience with content structuring and our role as the provider of electronic package leaflets in Denmark, we are participating in an international cooperation of the Nordic pharmaceutical product compendia to provide the testing scenarios of Gravitate Health with updated, quality controlled, electronic package leaflets (ePIL) in the Nordic countries.

The Danish package leaflets are converted from our proprietary XML structure to the HL7 FHIR format. Our goal is to be compatible with the EMA ePI implementation guide, and conform to the HL7 Vulcan Accelerator's global Electronic Medicinal Product Information (ePI) FHIR Implementation Guide.

Data exchange using HL7 FHIR

To be able to fulfill our continuous mission to provide healthcare professionals with the best pharmaceutical product information, it is crucial being part of an active hub of electronic data exchange, with both private and governmental partners.

It is our goal to continue to increase our use of FHIR intensively the coming years.


Tina Hou Marer

Dansk Lægemiddel Information A/S,


Christoffer Jon Jensen

Software developer,
Dansk Lægemiddel Information A/S,


Anette Petersen

Head of IT-development,
Dansk Lægemiddel Information A/S,