FHIR Demo 2023

Duodecim has implemented SMART App Launch support for its Calculators and Forms platform. Various calculators and forms, mainly intended for healthcare professionals, have long been a popular part of Duodecim's offering, for example in the online portals and EBMEDS Clinical Decision Support. Nowadays, it is the responsibility of a professional to manually save the results of the form, and the results cannot be automatically saved structurally. In the new solution, it is possible to open the form directly from the electronic health record system, pre-fill it with patient data from the FHIR server, and save the form responses and results back to the FHIR server. In this way, the answers entered into the form can also be used later, for example, to assess the development of the patient's situation and, where applicable, to pre-fill other forms.

Duodecim's FHIR Demo 2023 has been implemented in cooperation with Esko Systems Oy. From the user interface of the electronic health record system, a clinician can open and fill in an EPDS form for the patient. The results are saved on Esko's FHIR server

Work in progress

Duodecim is currently exploring multiple areas related to Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Support using FHIR

  • CDS Hooks
  • CQL - Clinical Quality Language
  • CPG - Clinical Practice Guidelines


Joonas Mäkinen

Product Owner