Tietoevry Care - Examples of Practical FHIR Implementations

Health Village

Tietoevry Care has been a long-term development partner for the Health Village project (e.g. Omapolku, Terveyskylä Pro) since 2018 and has been implementing application development, architectural design and service design in a multi-vendor environment coordinated by HUS. Tietoevry Care has implemented a FHIR-based integration interface for Omapolku software based on the FHIR Smart App Launch. This enables both the patient and the professional to have smooth access directly from the Omapolku application to another application used by the patient alongside Omapolku, for example to the Meallogger application. In addition to the FHIR Smart App Launch, Tietoevry Care has also implemented direct FHIR-based integrations between Health Village and the electronic health record (EHR) system.

FHIR has also been identified as playing a key role in integrations related to IoMT/self- measurements and monitoring data. In connection with this, different ways of implementing data-based integrations of medical measuring devices to Omapolku have been studied so that the patient's data and the devices linked to him or her and their measurement results can be obtained in a single view. FHIR-based Azure Health Data Services APIs have been utilized in the implementation of self-measurements data databases.

Lifecare Customer and Patient Information System

For Lifecare EHR, work has been done on FHIR-based modelling, in which FHIR's resources are utilized as part of the development of patient administration and home care functions and interfaces. The wider utilisation and implementation of FHIR interfaces will be included through national FHIR profiling and projects. To accelerate FHIR and API coverage in general, an API Management solution has been chosen that provides tools for agile interface implementations. Experiments have already been conducted to integrate the wellbeing application into the workflow of the customer and patient information system using SMART App Launch.

FHIR as part of future development work

Tietoevry Care's open data model for care data is based on OpenEHR, and the FHIR interfaces complement the whole by providing standardised and widely used/usable interfaces for utilising data as part of the social and health care system environment. In our opinion, OpenEHR and FHIR fit well together and complement each other as part of the overall solutions. In the future, various built-in FHIR applications that significantly facilitate and speed up healthcare-related application development will be even more interesting.


Ilona Raitakari

Head of Digital Health
Tietoevry Care, Finland