FHIR Demo 2024

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HUS is Finland's largest provider of specialized medical care. Our 27,000 professionals treat almost 700,000 patients every year.

From the point of view of HUS' operation, it is significant that the building of integrations between applications both within HUS and with partners is efficient.

FHIR First

FHIR-capable information systems are directly interoperable - and there is no longer need for traditional integrations. The end result is a revolutionary improvement in the speed and cost-effectiveness of implementations.

For this reason, HUS has created the FHIR FIRST policy, on the basis of which HUS primarily uses and requires from its partners standard interfaces in accordance with the FHIR standard in implementing the interoperability (integrations) of information systems.

By using the FHIR standard, which is based on an international standard, HUS also supports the access of Finnish startup companies and other operators to international markets.


Success depends on national cooperation in uniform use of the standard. HUS considers it very important that the harmonization work carried out within the framework of HL7 Finland progresses rapidly.