FHIR Demo 2024

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Our solution is an integration channel where data can be effortlessly transferred from a medical device to the national healthcare databases. This removes the need for manual input entirely and would save significant time and resources for healthcare providers around the world.


Innokas Approach

Sending patient's self-check results from customer product (MedicubeX™) to national health registry (OmaKanta) without any healthcare professional actions needed.

  • Transform customer data format to FHIR
  • Supports strong authentication (e.g. bank credentials) with Suomi.fi authorization
  • Includes own FHIR server
  • Designed in fault-tolerant way; failed transactions will be retried later to be stored to national health registry
  • Could be modified to support any other customer's system with minimal work needed
  • Value proposition is to get customer product's data into the national health registry for doctors to see it when browsing patient's medical records

Measurement Transfer Flow

Demo inputs:

  • Standalone demo web panel
  • MedicubeX self-measurement booth


  • Omakanta Omatietovaranto
  • Standalone OpenEMR demo panel


  • User finishes measurements
  • User interface asks to send measurements to cloud
  • User interface transfers them to Innokas backend
  • Innokas backend parses them to FHIR Observations, stores them to own FHIR server, and dispatches jobs to transmit
  • Queue worker tries to transmit FHIR Observations to FHIR destination (Omatietovaranto)
  • After succesful transmission, measurement data is available to be read from Omakanta
Measurement Transfer Flow

FHIR Demo 2024 Exhibitions

In FHIR Demo 2024 we will demonstrate the sending of patient’s results (MedicubeX) and show them on OmaKanta’s web app. The eHealth Station will also be available for the exhibition guests to see and experience.

Events we will be at

  • Radical Health Festival 21.-23.5.2024
MedicubeX™ eHealth Station

MedicubeX™ eHealth Station

The MedicubeX™ eHealth Station is an autonomous self-check station with antimicrobial and safe space solutions. This station can be used to measure a person's vital signs and cardiovascular risk factors.

At any given moment, users can view their accurate vital signs and more, such as their body composition or their personal risk of cardiovascular disease. Remote appointments from the station enable direct communication with healthcare professionals without being in physical contact with other patients or healthcare staff.

The MedicubeX™ station is an all-in-one healthcare solution. The eHealth station can be used for self-motivated fitness and wellness use or as a tool for healthcare providers.

Innokas Software Professionals

Innokas is strong in healthcare software, from embedded to web and mobile solutions, developing healthcare digitalization solutions with and for our customers. Our team of SW experts has a robust experience in mobile solutions, system integrations, and solutions related to data and analytics.

Our success comes straight from our customers' success. Our working model is doing joint projects with our partners, in which we have long industry experience and best practices. These we can harness for the benefit for our customers. We have developed competences and capabilities, that started with expertise of embedded software, but now spans from IoT connectivity to Integration technologies - such as HL7 and FHIR - to Cloud Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies are applied in a highly regulated environment, where we have vast experience. This and the fact that our SW expertise is a part of Innokas’ full-service offering, including our Quality and regulatory expertise, sets us a part from our competitors.

Innokas as a Company

Innokas is a growing and agile family-owned technology company. We have 30 years of experience of highly demanding technology, and of working with an exceptionally wide range of customer projects from HealthTech to other complex, intelligent devices and solutions that help improve the quality of people’s lives. With close to 200 professionals in manufacturing, engineering, software development, quality, and regulatory services, Innokas is a dedicated partner to its customers throughout the product or solution lifecycle.


Jussi Koskinen

Jussi Koskinen

Software Engineer


Tapio Pelkonen

Tapio Pelkonen

Senior Software Engineer