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InterSystems can FHIR-enable your solution: provide it with a standards based FHIR API including rich search capabilities, map FHIR to other health care standards and non-standard data models and transport protocols, do what ever needed to connect your solution to the outside world and harmonise the data as it is optimal for your solution.

Very rich FHIR API on top of a native API of a patient system

We can show you, in co-operation with Vitec Acute, how a very rich standards based FHIR API can be implemented on top of existing internal API of Acute patient system. There are several options for making this happen, each with pros and cons. Come and see, and discuss.

Standard FHIR server - from the cloud, as a service, or for your choice of platform

Looking for standard FHIR server to store and server your data? We are cloud agnostic offering the server from Azure, AWS, GCS, or any cloud. Or subscribe the FHIR server as a service from Fujitsu (in Finland) or from other partner of ours. Or deploy our IRIS for Health data platform yourself on public cloud or on-prem and spin up as many standard FHIR servers as you need - in minutes.

SMART on FHIR App Launch

You have surely heard of SMART on FHIR, but have you actually seen any such application live? Come and see how Sensotrend app works together with IRIS for Health data platform. We can even show all the magic happening under the hood.

Mapping FHIR to HL7 v2 for laboratory orders and results

This case study shows that reality is lot more complex than you would expect - but can be solved with powerful technology. Even though the data model were exactly the same FHIR resources, this use case can be implemented in many different ways - that are incompatible on the FHIR side. Implementing it as RESTful as possible requires rich set of components for storing, mapping and implementing business processes with FHIR.

Mapping Finnish minimum context management to SMART App Launch

We demonstrated this in 2022 and 2023 together with TietoEvry and can show you also this year how it works.

Health Care Interoperability - what ever you need

Be it FHIR or what ever data model, be it just integration or more complex data collection, harmonisation, viewing and analysing, we have the technologies needed - proven in the worlds biggest and most prominent settings.


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