Sensotrend Oy presents two solutions:

  • Sensotrend Connect, a diabetes remote monitoring solution.
  • Nightscout Connect, an implementation of the open-source Nightscout API on top of the Finnish national Kanta PHR platform.

Sensotrend Connect

Sensotrend Connect is a diabetes remote monitoring solution.

It makes life with diabetes easier by combining data from dozens of medical devices and wellness trackers and deriving actionable insights from the data. It also facilitates sharing the information with both healthcare professionals and peers.

Illustration of Sensotrend Connect

Sensotrend Connect transforms data from third party apps and devices into HL7 FHIR format (mainly Observation and MedicationAdministration resources, see the open-source converter) and stores it in any specified FHIR server.

The solution also includes a dashboard view of the data that is integrated into electronic health record systems with the SMART App Launch specification. See an example launch flow in the Finnish Implementation Guide for SMART App Launch.

Screen capture of Sensotrend AGP Report
The main view of Sensotrend Connect is based on the internationally harmonized Ambulatory Glucose Profile specification.

Internally, Sensotrend Connect uses the Consent resource to manage permissions for healthcare providers to access the patient generated and patient controlled data. See the presentation and the slides given in a past FHIR DevDays event.

In FHIR Demo 2023 we demostrate the SMART App Launch from Apotti and Epic systems and through the SMART adapter by InterSystems. We also present data storage into FHIR servers from Google, InterSystems, and Microsoft, and into the Finnish national Kanta PHR platform.

See also an older version of Sensotrend Connect embedded in Cerner Millennium in a past video recording.

Nightscout Connect

Nightscout is an open-source development community creating apps and devices that make life with diabetes easier. The community has thousands of developers, and tens of thousands of people using the apps globally.

Nightscout Connect implements the API used by the Nightscout apps on top of the Finnish national Kanta PHR platform, bringing the data from these apps into the national healthcare data infrastructure.

Thanks to the service, people wanting to take Nightscout apps into use no longer need to operate the server side of the solution themselves. It is still up to each individual and family to install and use the apps created by the community.

Nightscout Connect transforms data between Nightscout's own content format and HL7 FHIR. The most used resources are Observation for results from continuous glucose monitors and glucometers and for carbohydrate intake estimations, and MedicationAdministration for insulin doses.

Screen capture of data from Nightscout Connect in Kanta PHR
Individual observations in the Kanta PHR platform, present on the Kanta patient portal.

In Kanta PHR the data can be shared with Sensotrend Connect, and thereby be made available for healthcare providers.

In FHIR Demo 2023 we demonstrate the transformation of data formats and the sharing of data between apps using the HL7 FHIR standard.


Mikael Rinnetmäki

Founder, Sensotrend Oy
+358 50 385 5511