FHIR Demo 2024

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ProWellness offers innovative digital health ICT solutions for the prevention and care of chronic diseases, e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular and heart diseases, COPD and chronic respiratory diseases, and endocrine disorders.

We offer a clinical specialist system (CDMS) to public and private health services providers, health districts, hospitals and care communities, and a smart mobile digital self-management solution with supervised AI for patients (Balansio).


Balansio, a smart, mobile, 24/7 automated self-care system used by individuals with chronic diseases, transforms chronic care from clinic-based solutions to a next generation, digitalised and automated remote care solution for all stakeholders.

Illustration: Smart 24/7 Chronic Care Automation

Balansio has been integrated with Epic through the SMART App Launch mechanism. Balansio also useds the Observations and MedicalAdministration FHIR resources.


CDMS is a clinical specialist system used by healthcare professionals in day-to-day patient care. CDMS enables identifying trends in patients and performing early interventions to prevent complications from developing.

Illustration: Holistic integrated chronic care

CDMS can be launched from an EHR using the SMART App Launch mechanism.

Benefits & References

ProWellness solutions are used in health districts in Finland, in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Operations launched in 2022/2023 in United Arab Emirates with a Dubai-based business partner. Agreements signed for covering 10 other countries in addition to UAE (step-by-step rollout).

British ThorasicSociety's (BTS) award to NHS hospital for improving COPD care, supported by ProWellness CDMS.