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Sensotrend offers two apps, the Sensotrend Connect for remote monitoring and the Care Plan for Diabetes for digitalized care paths.

Sensotrend also offers consultancy on EHR integrations, FHIR implementations, and regulatory affairs.

See also our demos in last year's showcase. They contain plenty of additional information.

Sensotrend Connect

Sensotrend Connect is a diabetes remote monitoring solution.

It makes life with diabetes easier by combining data from dozens of medical devices and wellness trackers and deriving actionable insights from the data. It also facilitates sharing the information with both healthcare professionals and peers.

Illustration of Sensotrend Connect

Sensotrend Connect transforms data from third party apps and devices into HL7 FHIR format (mainly Observation and MedicationAdministration resources, see the open-source converter) and stores it in any specified FHIR server.

The solution also includes a dashboard view of the data that is integrated into electronic health record systems with the SMART App Launch specification. See an example launch flow in the Finnish Implementation Guide for SMART App Launch.

Screen capture of Sensotrend AGP Report
The main view of Sensotrend Connect is based on the internationally harmonized Ambulatory Glucose Profile specification.

The data provided by remote monitoring solutions in a standardized format is a key enabler for digital care paths.

The data provided by remote monitoring solutions in a standardized format is a key enabler for digital care paths. People with chronic conditions can live independently and without support from healthcare personnel for long periods of times. But things change, and sometimes these people need more support. Remote monitoring solutions are essential in ensuring that nobody is left out of care they need.

Care Plan for Diabetes

The Care Plan for Diabetes formalizes established treatment protocols and best practices for diabetes treatment into an app.

Screen captures of Sensotrend Careplan for Diabetes
The careplan keeps track and notifies the patient of appointments, lab tests, and other actions relevant to care.

The data produced by the app also helps healthcare organizations identify treatment gaps.


We have a lot of expertise in EHR integrations, different FHIR implementations, and in Regulatory affairs.

We participate actively in the development of the FHIR standard. We are part of the core group working on the International Patient Access (IPA) specification.

We coordinate several working groups for HL7 Finland (the IHE Finland, Personal Health SIG, and Kanta PH (Personal Health) groups). We had a big role in creation of the Finnish FHIR Base profiles and the Finnish Implementation Guide for SMART App Launch. And, we coordinate this showcase too!

We're happy to help others too, and have already helped many startups with integrations and consulted public organizations. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Mikael Rinnetmäki

Founder, Sensotrend Oy

+358 50 385 5511